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$100 million raised

Faculty Excellence

our faculty, our foundation for excellence

With world-renowned faculty inspiring the next generation of big thinkers, we’re preparing students to think critically and challenging them to change the world, one bold first at a time.

the student experience is at the heart of everything we do

Supporting Faculty Excellence means providing our renowned professors, mentors, and lifelong advisors with the financial support they need to write grants, publish research, and be engaged in their disciplines in a way that allows them to reach and teach students in new and unique ways. When students go to Indiana State University, bold transformations await.

making transformations possible

Our faculty provides a solid foundation for an impactful student experience. With your help, we can give our faculty the time and resources they need to stay current in their disciplines and active in the latest trends in pedagogy so that they can give their students everything they need to succeed.

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ISU is home to world-renowned research

From microbiology research into cell level changes for fighting cancer to studying birds in the Adirondacks to exploring microscopic organisms at the bottom of the ocean, our faculty is engaged in meaningful research to help answer some of life’s biggest questions. Together, we’re working to make the world a better place to live.

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Our faculty goes above and beyond, providing our students the tools they need to be successful in and out of the classroom.
Andrea Angel
VP for University Advancement and CEO of the ISU Foundation

Be So Bold

Give today and help Sycamores grow strong! With almost half of our student body made up of first generation college goers, and an equal percentage of financially fragile students, this bold campaign is necessary. Your generosity will help students who thrive in their academic pursuits and prepare them to go on to do amazing things with their lives. It’s time to get loud, and Be So Bold.