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Experiential Learning

beyond the classroom

Today the world is being shaped by those who are willing to think big, work hard and innovate quickly. An Indiana State University education is an investment that prepares students to think critically, and engages them to change the world, one bold first at a time.

think critically, engage deeply, connect thoughtfully

Learning doesn’t end when you leave the classroom. It’s about an all-encompassing holistic experience while you’re a student here on campus. Here, professional development activities, career readiness, internships, and study abroad experiences enhance the educational foundation, and transform students’ lives. It’s time to be so bold!

the chances of a lifetime

Experiential learning is key to success after our students graduate. And that truly is a cornerstone of Indiana State. When we talk about preparing students for their future as citizens and our great society, it’s more than a career. It’s all about having those experiences that connect what they’re learning in the classroom to what is actually going on out in the field.

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the ISU Advantage is real

As we inaugurate the Indiana State Advantage in the fall of 2022, we’re committing to providing every undergraduate student with the chance to have up to $3,000 and support for one of four life-changing experiences: an internship, a service learning experience, a study abroad experience, or an undergraduate research experience. And you can help.

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We want them to have the elite college experience that they could have at some of the most prestigious institutions in the nation.
Dr. Linda Maule
Dean of the University College

Be So Bold

Give today and help Sycamores grow strong! With almost half of our student body made up of first generation college goers, and an equal percentage of financially fragile students, this bold campaign is necessary. Your generosity will help students who thrive in their academic pursuits and prepare them to go on to do amazing things with their lives. It’s time to get loud, and Be So Bold.