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Don Dudine’s Vision for ISU’s Student Philanthropy Group

The Power of Giving Back

Beyond academics, Sycamores are leaving a legacy that ISU can proudly claim—a culture of philanthropy, carefully cultivated by the Student Philanthropy Organization (SPO) and its visionary founder, Don Dudine. Since graduating in 1967, Don has has always had a strong sense of giving back to his alma mater and been a longtime supporter of both Student Philanthropy and the School of Music. His generosity has been a vital part in the advancement of Indiana State University. In addition to his support, Dudine is the immediate past chair of the Foundation Board of Directors, where he was a leader in the promotion of joyful giving.

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ISU has opened doors for me through scholarships, programming, opportunity, and experiences. My involvement at ISU would not be possible if it weren't for donor support.
Grace Longyear
Class of 2025

Inspiring a Culture of Philanthropy

It was this very sentiment that led him to establish the Student Philanthropy Organization in 2019. His mission was simple yet profound: to inspire a culture of philanthropy among the student body and to foster a sense of gratitude for the opportunities ISU provided. Since its establishment, they have successfully ignited a passion for giving back in the ISU community through various events and initiatives. Whether it be organizing a run to raise money for cancer research or handing out flowers for Valentine’s Day, SPO is always working to encourage Sycamores to give back to their university.

One of SPO’s flagship events is the annual Give to Blue Day. This day of giving in March has become a campus-wide tradition, with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the local community coming together to support ISU’s vital programs and scholarships. All over campus and Terre Haute, people can make purchases or donations that will directly go towards a specified area at ISU. The funds raised on Give to Blue Day have a tangible impact on the university, allowing ISU to enhance its facilities, provide financial aid to deserving students, and continue its mission of academic excellence.

But SPO’s work goes beyond just fundraising. They have made it their mission to educate their peers about the importance of philanthropy. SPO members aim to instill in their fellow students a sense of responsibility and a desire to give back, no matter how big or small the contribution. “As SPO President, I am so excited for the year ahead and the opportunities it holds,” said Grace Longyear. “The Student Philanthropy Organization plays a pivotal role in creating a campus community that encourages giving back with our time, talents, and treasures. It empowers us to invest in our shared goals and aspirations, creating a legacy of positive change for generations of students to come.”

“It’s not about the amount you give; it’s about the heart with which you give.”

As Don Dudine often says, “It’s not about the amount you give; it’s about the heart with which you give.” At Indiana State University, that heart beats strong, nurturing a culture of philanthropy that will endure for years to come. One of the remarkable aspects of ISU’s Student Philanthropy Organization is that it has a ripple effect that extends far beyond the campus. ISU alumni who have benefited from the university’s scholarships and programs often find themselves inspired to give back. The culture of philanthropy fostered by SPO transcends generations, ensuring that ISU’s legacy of giving will continue to flourish. Their legacy is not measured in dollars alone but in the countless lives they have touched and the enduring sense of gratitude they have instilled in the hearts of the ISU community.

“This year, we have an exciting lineup of activities and initiatives planned, much different than in years past. From the anticipation of Give to Blue Day to the introduction of networking events, we’re looking forward to a year filled with impactful connections and meaningful contributions,” Longyear said. “We center ourselves at the root of this organization which is to be Sycamores Supporting Sycamores. To do this we will encourage and be a part of a spirit of generosity. All of this with the hope to leave a philanthropic mark on our alma mater.”

As ISU continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of higher education, the Student Philanthropy Organization and Don Dudine’s vision remain steadfast. They serve as a reminder that, no matter how challenging the times may be, the spirit of giving back can unite a community and create a lasting impact.