a BOLD milestone

$100 million raised

Rich and Robin Porter

brave alumni dare to dream bold dreams

In the heart of campus, Porter Cancer Research Fellows are engaging in genomic research, identifying biomarkers, analyzing cell strategies, and re-imagining a world free of cancer. And it’s all thanks to the commitment and generosity of Rich and Robin Porter.

The Porter Cancer Research Center—a beacon of hope—is located on the second floor of the Science Building. And if Rich and Robin Porter have their way, it’s going to be on the tips of every tongue (not to mention the headlines of every major news network and publication) when Porter Cancer Research Fellows are part of a team that solves some form of cancer in our lifetime.

Sure, pushing the boundaries of cancer research at Indiana State University is an ambitious goal. But that’s what it means to dream big, and be bold!

When Rich was a student here back in 1977, he met a man who would push him as a student-athlete and show him the value of believing in yourself and putting in the work to make it a reality, no matter how tough the work may be. Coach Bill Malloy saw a bright future for hurdler from Hammond, Indiana,  and committed to showing that track star that he cared, that he was worth it. Those lessons stuck with Rich throughout his storied career.

“Their passion for supporting cutting edge cancer research will allow us to recruit top graduate students from around the world.”

 — Christopher Olsen, ISU Provost and VP of Academic Affairs

Now, Rich and Robin have taken the opportunity to pay it forward and are hoping to inspire the next generation of big thinkers in science and medicine—letting the Sycamore students of today (and tomorrow) know that they’re worth it, and that somebody believes in them and is willing to support their wild, ambitious dreams to achieve something that’s never been done before. Bold indeed.

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This is a visionary program that will put our university on the map nationally as a competitive graduate program in the field.
Deborah J. Curtis, Ph. D.
President, Indiana State University

As you know, Indiana State University has a culture of being student-centered. It’s a place where you’re expected to help others. There’s a spirit of philanthropy here that seems baked into the university experience.  This is your chance to get loud about who we are and how we’re committed to excellence and innovation — at every level. Follow your passion and leave your lasting legacy here. It’ll make you proud.