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Steven and Lois Zink
Class of 1974 and 1975

ISU alumni Steven and Lois Zink commit $250,000 to advance faculty research in the history department

BOLD Donation Makes History Happen

Sycamores Steven and Lois Zink have pledged $250,000 to Indiana State University’s history department to create the Zink History Faculty Development Fund, which will sponsor innovative and leading research opportunities for faculty, and in turn, acquaint students with the value of critical analysis tools through historical research.

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My experience with the ISU history department during my undergraduate years was very positive. As I earned graduate degrees from other institutions, I realized how exceptional the ISU history faculty was.
Steven Zink

Lois graduated from the Bayh College of Education in 1975 with her bachelor’s in elementary education. She went on to dedicatedly serve as the librarian for the Washoe County School District in Nevada until her retirement in 2015.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in history from ISU in 1974, Steven earned a graduate degree in history from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, a second graduate degree in library science from Louisiana State University, and a doctorate in information technology from Nova Southeastern University. Upon completion of these degree programs, Steven served in multiple administrative positions such as the Vice President of Information Technology and Dean of University Libraries for the University of Nevada at Reno until his retirement in 2016.

Inspiring Our Future

The Zink History Faculty Development Fund will receive $25,000 annually from 2024 to 2029 and will eventually reach a bold donation total of $250,000. The funds in this endowment are intended to be used specifically towards departmental needs such as specialized research materials, new data acquisition tools and software, professional workshops and conferences, community engagement, and to collaborate with history faculty all around the world. These initiatives will offer faculty the chance to broaden the scope of international history research and to demonstrate and share with students how they can use the past to understand the present and positively inspire our future.

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Impactful campus experiences like Lois and Steven’s are an exhibition of the benefits of an ISU education. We are so honored to have their support and grateful for their dedication to faculty excellence and student success.
Andrea Angel
VP for University Advancement and CEO of the ISU Foundation